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Admin management


CD-Key based:
(Also known as v1 admins)

Command Description
adminadd <player_expr> <admin_level> [allowed_ip_ranges] Adds player to the admin list, admins are identified via their CD-Key hashes, for additional security you can give list of IP ranges that admin is allowed to operate from. Example:
adminadd 3 4
admin_change_level <index> <level> Changes the privilege level of the given admin.
admindel <index> Removes admin with given index.
admins Displays v1 admin list.

Name + password based:
(Also known as v2 admins)

admin_add <player_expr> <password> <admin_level> Adds the player to the admin list, admins are identified via their name and password. They can log in with their admin name and password in the chat. Ex: \login "password" (ofc, other players won't see your password, just don't forget the \ or / ;) After login, they can use chat as console, like; \pl, \k 3 "noob", \balance_teams, etc. or the rcon if they know the password (with sapp_rcon enabled).
Example: admin add 2 "LoL1234" 4
admin_add_manually <player name> <password> <admin_level> Add admins manually, Example:
admin add_manually New001 MDR777 4
admin_list Displays v2 admin list.
admin_change_pw <admin_id> <new_password>

Changes the password of the given admin. Ex: admin change_pw 2 "low1234"
admin password must be between 4 and 15 characters.

admin_change_level <admin_id> <admin_level> Changes the privilege level of the given admin. Ex: admin change_level 1 4
admin level must be between 0 and 4.
admin_del <admin_id>

Removes an admin with the given index.

change_password <old_password> <new_password>

Admins can change their own password with this command.


If Sapp rcon handling is enabled ("sapp_rcon 1"), CD-Key based admins, and only them can use the rcon with the password specified with the "sv_rcon_password" command, and Name based admins can use it with their own password. Otherwise if you don't enable this feature, everyone will be able to use the rcon who knows the password.

Commands by level

Level -1 (player) Commands:
info, stats, sv_stats, whatsnext, about, login, lead, clead
Level 0 Commands:
afk, kdr, uptime, change_password
Level 1 Commands:
afks, skips, aimbot_scores
Level 2 Commands:
pl, k, textban, textbans, textunban, mute, mutes, unmute, say, tell, st, balance_teams
Level 3 Commands:
b, bans, ub, ip, ipban, ipbans, ipunban, inf, password, map, maplist
Level 4 Commands:
Naughty Commands: s, kill, kills, assists, deaths, god, ungod, lag, unlag, camo, boost, loc add, loc del, loc list, loc listall, t, m, tp, hp, sh, ammo, battery, mag, nades, color, vexit, venter, wadd, wdel, spawn, despawn, olist, d, etc :D
Admin Management v1: adminadd, admin_change_level, admindel, admins
Admin Management v2: admin add, admin add_manually, admin change_pw, admin change_level, admin del, admin list
Event system, macros: event *, eventdel, events, cmd add, cmd del, cmd list, wait, w8
Sapp Mapcycle: mapcycle, mapcycle_add, mapcycle_del, mapcycle_begin, map_next, map_prev, map_spec
Map Voting: mapvotes, mapvote_add, mapvote_del, max_votes
Server Management: v, dns, cpu, files, d, rcon_password, timeout, afk_kick, ping_kick, map_skip, spawn_protection, anticamp, aimbot_ban, map_skip, antispam, anticaps, antihalofp, adminban, save_scores, block_tc, unlock_console_log, sapp_console, full_ipban, cmdstart, cmdstart1, say_prefix, msg_prefix, admin_prefix, text, log, log_note, log_rotation, max_idle, setcmd, set_ccolor, list, beep, etc...
+ All Basic and Devmode Commands

Each admin level can use the commands of the lower admin levels.
Admins are not kicked by afk_kick and ping_kick.

You can change the name and the level of each command with the setcmd command!
Examples: setcmd k kick will change 'k' command to 'kick', setcmd k 3 will change 'k' command to level 3

Read about player expressions on this page!

Also, SAPP commands are not case sensitive. For ex: balance_teams = BaLaNcE_TeAmS = BALANCE_TEAM


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