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Custom Commands:

You can combine existing commands into custom commands to do more complex operations with one command.

Custom commands are stored in the gametypes folder, for example "..\savegames\sapp\commands.txt" in the following format:

<command name> [arguments] <command sequence> [level]

The arguments start with a "#" and they will be replaced in the sequence with the values the command is being called.
The commands in the sequence are separated by a ";".
If you don't specify required admin level, it will be 4 (highest) by default.

Some examples:

reset 'sv_map_reset' 3
lo3 'sv_map_reset;w8 1;sv_map_reset;w8 1;sv_map_reset' 3
max #n 'sv_maxplayers #n' 4
spam 'w8 600;say * "Have Fun, \n! Server Powered by SAPP,";spam'
give #weap 'spawn weap "weapons\#weap\#weap" $n;wadd $n'
shee 'spawn vehi vehicles\banshee\banshee_mp $n'
toshee 'shee;venter $n'
shee_army 'toshee;toshee;toshee;toshee;toshee;toshee;toshee;toshee;toshee;toshee'

Command Description
cmd_add <command name> [arguments] <command sequence> [level] Creates a new custom command and adds it to the end of the commands.txt
cmd_del <command name> Deletes the given command, but doesn't modify the commands.txt
list custom Lists all custom commands.


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