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Custom Variables:

You can use custom variables to store text/numbers and use them for more flexible modding. Their value can be used in the event system with adding a "$" before their name, using them like the generic event variables. They can be also used in custom commands in the same way.

Command Description
var_add <name> <type> Adds a new variable, where type 0 - global string, 1 - global int, 2 - global float, 3 - player string, 4 - player int, 5 - player float
Global ones are containing only 1 variable, while player ones have a different variable for each player.
var_del <name> Deletes the given variable.
var_set <name> <value_expression> [player_number] Sets a given value, player_number is only required for player variables.
var_conv <name> Converts int variable to float and vice versa, not available for string.
var_list Lists all variable name and their types.


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