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New forum - - much better! bg image?

The forum looks and feels much better! Thank you

Your current background looks like a different game:

suggested background alternatives (? if you are open to that):

same dimensions: 2650x1350 same format - jpg

no blur
[Image: no-blur-no-code_zpsuuwjv5hg.jpg]

no blur with code
[Image: no-blur-with-code_zpsrn5qycxa.jpg]

with blur and code
[Image: blurred-with-code_zpszoajpggb.jpg]

with blur
[Image: blurred_zpsyzztrdpy.jpg]

your existing image is located:

Lol I checked the URL whether I am at right place or not when I saw this design  Tongue
Awesome design :3 :v

you guys can change it to 'classic mode' if you want , which will make avatar in the middle of left. (any mybb forum i guess)

like this;

by doing this.

(2016. Apr. 24., 21:37)NerveBooger Wrote: with blur and code

here is a little demonstration of that.  (if you curious to know how will it look like, hee Big Grin )  (ignore the 'shoutbox')

note: when download the image it had capital letter '.JPG', which weren't recognized as a image on my control panel, so had to change it to '.jpg'

blue theme looks good Big Grin

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