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[IDEA] Anti-aimbot plugin


I've been reading you guys for a while and finally decided to post. This is something I've been thinking the last days.

As you may know, most servers don't run sapp Anticheat or they don't use sapp. Most of the times I play, the experience is unenjoyable because people using aimbots or more common ESP hacks.

So here's my idea (not started developing it yet, I may have time this weekend): Basically (I'm making assumptions about how halo servers work but I believe they do in a similar fashion like other games) the server receives possitions from every player and retransmits this possitions to every client also connected. Aimbots/ESP get this data, simplified, x,y,z data, and uses it to draw the enemy body so you can see it. At first, this might be seen as unpatcheable but I think it's not.

From sapp .dll (as an example) you can map/modify the game's memory, and it is also documented in certain places. I would analize every players possition, and from his/her possition, compare every other player possition (X and Y mainly). If they are, as an example/POC, 250 far away from us, then we modify the packet to be sent to that player, hidding the other player possition (setting it to a fake value). Obviously this is an extremely simple example, but with extended logic it would be possible to have a really great anti-esp.

PS: I'm not sure if this is the right sub-forum  Angel

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