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got server set up and a events.txt in my sap folder but none of them are working any help ?

Please show us your events.txt.

The reason why we need to know your events.txt is because we can't help you unless we know what's wrong with your events.txt file which if there is something wrong you may need help with then the only way we can tell you what is wrong is if you show us the events.txt file which you haven't shown yet because you aren't aware that help isn't possible unless you show us the problem but if we can't see the problem then we can't help you because your events.txt file was not pasted into a message and therefore we cannot help you otherwise we could help you if you were so kind as to put your events.txt in a message but you haven't so it is very difficult to know what the problem is with events.txt if you can't show us what is with your events.txt and if you can't show us your events.txt file then we can't help you as we would need your events.txt file to help you with problems with your events.txt file otherwise you would not be able to be helped due to the lack of an events.txt file being displayed for us to help you with.

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