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Miscellaneous Commands:

Command Description
afks Displays inactivity periods (in seconds) of the players.
skips Displays a list about players who voted for skip the current map.
aimbot_scores Displays aimbot scores of all players in the server.
balance_teams This command will try to make the most equal teams based on kills, assists, deaths and TKs, with a two pass scoring system. ;-)
Players, who got team switched, won't get +1 death.
teamup Will set up the two teams based on the tags in the player names.
This only works if at least one team has proper tags and all are the same, otherwise it won't be always 100% accurate.
refresh_ipbans Refresh IP-banlist and ipbans.txt.
change_password <old> <new> With this, v2 admins can change their own password.
inf <player_expr> Displays PlayerIndex, Name, IP and CD-Key Hash of the given players.
ip <player_number> Displays player's IP, Rev DNS and CD-Key hash.
d <player_number> Displays some shitty info about the player.
log_note <string> Writes a note into the SAPP log.
query_add <key> <value> Adds a new entry to the query string. For example: query_add xfire lgbalazs or query_add ventrilo
If a query already exists with the given name, it will be overwritten.
query_del <id/name> Deletes a custom query entry.
query_list Lists all the custom query entries.
files Lists the Sapp file locations and their encoding.
cpu Displays Processor brand string, and operating system version info and CPU/Memory load.
uptime Displays uptime of sapp.dll and the operating system.
beep [hz] [ms] Beeepp!!!
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