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Map management

Command Description
map_load <map_name> Loads a new map from the maps folder, therefore there is no need to restart the server anymore if you want to install new maps.
map_query <string> Query the list of the maps from the server that are available for download and has the "string" in the name.
Example: map_query cold
ID  Name
 0  coldaphobia
 1  coldaphobia_2
 2  coldrush
 3  coldsnap
 4  icecold
 5  [h3]cold_v1
map_download <map_ID>

Downloads and install the map that you choose from the query list. Note that you don't have to use the map_load command for the maps you downloaded, just be patient while it gets downloaded, extracted and installed.

Example: After you executed the map_query cold command, use map_download 3 to download and load Coldsnap.



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