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Naughty Commands:

Command Description
timelimit [amount] Changes the timelimit on the fly, value smaller than 1 means infinitive.
scorelimit [amount] Changes the scorelimit on the fly. Works with all gametypes, both FFA and Team games. Note that in special gametypes like KingOfTheHill or OddBall, amount is in minutes.
s <player_expr> [amount] Changes speed of given player, default speed is 1. Example:
s 4 6 will changes speed of player 4 to 6.
st <player_expr> [red|blue] Changes team of player, if no team is given then team is switched to opposite. Player won't get +1 death. :)
kill <player_expr> Kills the player.
kills <player_expr> [amount] Sets the kills of the player.
assist <player_expr> [amount] Sets the assists of the player.
deaths <player_expr> [amount] Sets the deaths of the player.
score <player_expr> [amount] Sets the score of the player.
team_score [red/blue/both] [amount] Sets the score of the team(s). Ex: team_score red 20
god <player_expr> Player will be invincible. =)
ungod <player_expr> Player can be killed.
lag <player_expr> Lag given player.
unlag <player_expr> Unlag given player.
camo <player_expr> [time] Makes the player invisible for the given time, if no time was specified, the player will be invisible until death.
coord <player_expr> Displays the coordinates of the given players.
loc_add <location_name> <x> <y> <z> Adds new location to list. Example:
loc add red_base 546.4 3.3 24.3
loc_add <location_name> Adds current player position to location list. Example:
loc add red_base
loc_del <location_name> Remove location from list. Example:
loc del red_base
loc_list Lists locations from current map.
loc_listall Lists locations from all maps. Locations are stored in the halo ce\sapp\locations.txt
area_add_sphere <name> <x> <y> <z> <r> Adds a new sphere to the current map. x,y,z are the coordinates of the center of the sphere, r is the radius in world units.
area_add_cuboid <name> <a_x> <a_y> <a_z> <b_x> <b_y> <b_z> Adds a new cuboid to the current map. The cuboid will between the given 'a'-'b' coordinates.
area_del <name> Deletes an area from the current map.
area_list Lists all the areas for the current map.
area_listall Lists all the areas. Areas are stored in the halo ce\sapp\areas.txt
t <player_expr> <x> <y> <z> Teleports the player to position (x, y, z). Example:
t 3 100.4 -74.2 36
t <player_expr> <location_name> Teleports the player to a previously added location. Example:
t 3 red_base
m <player_expr> <x> <y> <z> Same usage as t, this command teleports player to location relative to his current position. For example
m me 0 0 100 moves admin 100 units up.
tp <player_expr> <player_number> Teleports given player(s) to another player. For example tp me 5 teleports me to player 5, tp * 1 teleports all player to player 1. tp 8 2 teleports player 8 to player 2.
boost <player_expr> Teleports the given player to the location where he/she looks.
hp <player_expr> [amount] Displays / sets the given player(s) health.
sh <player_expr> [amount] Displays / sets the given player(s) shield.
nades <player_expr> [amount] [type] Displays / sets the amount of nades of the given players.
Type; 0/ungiven: both, 1: frag nades, 2: plasma nades
ammo <player_expr> [amount] [type] Displays / sets the amount of the ammo of the given players.
Type; 0/ungiven: current weapon, 1: primary, 2: secondary, 3 tertiary, 4: quaternary, 5: all
battery <player_expr> [amount] [type] Works the same way as ammo, you can set the battery of the covenant weapons (in %), sync after you switch weapon and switch back. Type is same as above.
mag <player_expr> [amount] [type] Set the loaded bullets in the given weapon(s), set it to 32000 for "infinitive" bullets. Type is same as above too.
spawn <type> <name> Ex: spawn weap "weapons\sniper rifle\sniper rifle" will spawn a sniper to you. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the names of all classic object.
spawn <type> <name> [player_number] Will spawn the object to the given player.
spawn <type> <name> <x> <y> <z> [rot] Will spawn the object to the given coords and rotation (in radians).
spawn <type> <name> <location_name> Will spawn the object to a previously added location.
wadd <player_expr> Assign the last spawned weapon to the given player. You can assign up to 4 weapons. Note that if the player has 4 weapons, he/she can't pick up the flag/oddball.
wdel <player_expr> <weapon_number> Removes the weapon from the player's hand, weapon_number: 0 - all, 1-4 the selected one.
wdrop <player_expr> Forces the player to drop the current weapon from his/her hands.
venter <player_expr> [seat] Enters the player to the last spawned vehicle. Note that you can enter a player to more vehicles and/or more seats in one vehicle. =)
vexit <player_expr> Ejects player from the vehicle(s).
vdel <player_expr> Deletes the vehicles assigned (with the spawn command) to the given player.
vdel_all Deletes every vehicle spawned with Sapp.
disable_object <object_name> [team]

It will deny the usage of the given objects. You can get the object names from the bottom of this page.
team : 0/unset - both, 1 - only players of the red team, 2 - only players of the blue team.
Ex.: disable shotgun for the blue team: disable_object "weapons\shotgun\shotgun" 2

disabled_objects Displays the disabled objects and their IDs.
enable_object <ID or object_name> Allows the usage of the given object. You can get the ID from disabled_objects, or just use the same name of the object that's used for disable it.
disable_all_objects <team> <disable> team: 0 - both, 1 - red, 2 - blue; disable: 0 - the team can interact with any object (default), 1 - the given team(s) can't interact with any object (weapons, powerups, etc.).
disable_all_vehicles <team> <disable> team: 0 - both, 1 - red, 2 - blue; disable: 0 - the team can interact with any object (default), 1 - the given team(s) can't interact with any vehicle.
color <player_expr> [index] Changes the color of the given players (after respawn, only in not team games). Index is a number from 0 to 17, where: 0 - white, 1 - black, 2 - red, 3 - blue, 4 - gray, 5 - yellow, 6 - green, 7 - pink, 8 - purple, 9 - cyan, 10 - cobalt, 11 - orange, 12 - teal, 13 - sage, 14 - brown, 15 - tan, 16 - maroon, 17 or above - salmon.
gamespeed [speed] Sets the game speed, which will be synchronized with HAC2 and Anticheat users. Default value is 30.

List of the object names and types:

Real Name Object Name Type
Banshee vehicles\banshee\banshee_mp vehi
Covenant Gun turret vehicles\c gun turret\c gun turret_mp vehi
Ghost vehicles\ghost\ghost_mp vehi
Rocket Warthog vehicles\rwarthog\rwarthog vehi
Scorpion vehicles\scorpion\scorpion_mp vehi
Warthog vehicles\warthog\mp_warthog vehi
Assault Rifle weapons\assault rifle\assault rifle weap
Oddball weapons\ball\ball weap
Flag weapons\flag\flag weap
Flamethrower weapons\flamethrower\flamethrower weap
Fuel rod gun weapons\plasma_cannon\plasma_cannon weap
Needler weapons\needler\mp_needler weap
Pistol weapons\pistol\pistol weap
Plasma Pistol weapons\plasma pistol\plasma pistol weap
Plasma Rifle weapons\plasma rifle\plasma rifle weap
Rocket Laucher weapons\rocket launcher\rocket launcher weap
Shotgun weapons\shotgun\shotgun weap
Sniper Rifle weapons\sniper rifle\sniper rifle weap
Frag Grenade weapons\frag grenade\frag grenade eqip
Plasma Grenade weapons\plasma grenade\plasma grenade eqip
Healt Pack powerups\health pack eqip
Over Shield powerups\over shield eqip
Camouflage powerups\active camouflage eqip
Biped characters\cyborg_mp\cyborg_mp bipd

Important: You have to use backslash "\" NOT the slash "/"!


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