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How to set up sapp:


Download SAPP.

If an older version is running in your server, unload it with the unload command.

Unzip the zip file you downloaded into the directory where your server is located and overwrite the previous files.

Note: You have to use the included strings.dll otherwise you can't load sapp.dll!

Put the load command into the end of your init.txt file.

To use sapp mapcycle, add mapcycle_begin after the load command, then set up the mapcycle as it's described here.

Create an init.txt for the sapp commands and events.txt for the events to the gametypes folder of the current server.

See example init below and events in the event system page.

Start your server, or if you unloaded sapp, load it with the load command.

Check admin management for more information.

Init.txt: (this is normal init, which is always required)

sv_name "Super, pr0, 1337 server"
sv_maxplayers 16
sv_motd "motd.txt"
sv_rcon_password 666
sv_tk_ban 5
sv_tk_grace 1s
sv_mapcycle_timeout 5

You can put SAPP init commands (v1, afk_kick 300, etc...) into this new init, so when you update sapp and make unload - reload, it will now read sapp settings from this file.

init.txt in gametypes/sapp folder.

Example: C:\Users\username\Documents\My Games\Halo CE\sapp\init.txt

afk_kick 300
ping_kick 600
log 1 ;this enables sapp log in gametypes folder.
antihalofp 1
anticaps 1
antispam 1
map_skip 51
aimbot_ban 10000 1 1440
mapvote 1 ;see mapvote page for explaination
no_lead 1


SAPP for Halo PC


SAPP for Halo CE